About Sīfu Rikk Mayr:

Rikk Mayr is the Head instructor at the Neijia Academy, located in Sheffield Village.

Rikk began training as a child at the age of 8. He has studied Judo, Wrestling, Shaolin Tongbeiquan and Luohanquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, Qiqong and meditation.

Due to his diligence, he has won numerous regional, national and international competitions.

He is certified judge and has demonstrated for the City of Cleveland as part of the Asian Pacific Directive.

Rikk has designed the curriculum for a fully accredited Taijiquan course at Lorain County Community College where he taught for 13 years and has had the honor of being a guest instructor at many martial arts schools.

He has taught at University Hospitals, Mercy Rehabilitation, Ireland Cancer Centers, various gyms and health clubs.

He currently holds a 6th Degree in Internal Kung Fu under William Duncan and a Master’s Certificate of Instruction under the late Hu Wei-yue.

Besides teaching at his own school, Rikk also teaches at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. There, he has been promoting Tajiquan for over 20 years. His students have become tournament champions.

Rikk has co-authored 2 books with Hu Wei-yue and currently resides in Avon Lake, Ohio.

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